Over the last decade, we've earned a reputation as a strong resource for deploying complex surveys quickly and efficiently. We manage advanced surveys that standard software packages and simple online survey tools just can't handle. As a result, our project managers have become experts at managing complexity in thoughtful ways. Contact us to discuss how we can work together.


At Dataplas, we are responding to the revolution of technology with modern interviewing techniques that make the survey experience cleaner and simpler.Our programmers are experts in CATI(Computer Assisted Telephone Interview),CAWI(Computer Assisted Web Interview),CAPI(Computer Assisted Personal Interview) as these models yield effective results for our clients.

Tracking Studies, Customer Satisfaction, Product Testing etc.

Our simple, easy-to-use reporting system tracks incidence, reasons for termination, survey length and other key metrics.We satisfy our clients fully with their needs and works.We have personnel that are well equipped with modern tools and endowed in the field of product testing to any standard wanted by the client.



watch We are a reputable entity in the areas of business-to-business interviewing and Business-to-Customer interviewing.

We have extensive experience in programming and hosting a wide variety of employee and organizational surveys. We regularly handle engagement and enablement surveys, professional development surveys, organizational health surveys, employee life cycle surveys, and more. We develop and manage specialized action planning websites — tools for an employer to move their organization forward through actionable and measurable steps based on survey results. In addition, we work globally, and have managed surveys released around the world in dozens of countries.

STATISTICAL SOFTWARE TRAINING We train groups and individuals to statistically analyze and interpret data with SAS programs or SAS Enterprise Guide to make data-driven decisions.Meet up with our training team to get in-depth knowledge on the use, principles and best practices and resources on the latest statistical software.

Over the years, we have succeeded in training over 100+ individuals and 30+ institutions including universities, polytechnics and corporate bodies on the use of statistical software such as DATA DESK, GAUSS, GRAPH PAD INSTAT, MAPLE etc.


Recruitment of enumerators

We also deal in the area of recruiting enumerators who interview persons by telephone, mail, in person, or by other means for the purpose of completing forms, applications, or questionnaires. Ask specific questions, record answers, and assist persons with completing form. May sort, classify, and file forms.


  • – Database cleaning in a variety of packages and formats including Excel, Access, Fiat, ASCII, and CSV
  • – Data conversion into various statistical packages including SPSS, Stata, SAS etc.
  • – Cross tabulations featuring customized multi variable banners
  • – Data entry and tabulation of paper surveys
  • – Data Cleaning